I have a win98 system with a Futjitsu 4.3 gig and a 80 gig Seagate. I was using Ontract Dynamic drive Overlay v9.45 to be able to access the 80 gig drive. So I was having problems with the system so i re-formatted the c drive (Fitjutsi) drive and re-installed Win 98. Now i can'nt access the 80 Gig seagate drive . I have dowloaded Seagate Disk Wizard to Installe DDO (Dynamic Drive Overlay). But It want me re-format the 80 Gig drive there by losing 17 Gig Of Data which I do not want to lose. Is there any way to retreive the data. I inquired to Ontrack about using their DDO v9.52 ($40.00 USd) to access that seagate drive. Does any body have suggestions.
Thanks for any help.
Thanks I have found solution Turns out that Seagate Disk Wizards allowes to
fix the ddo without re-formatring.

Click on the drive in My computer....Is it NTFS? Windows 9X(95/98/98SE/ME) cant get access to drives that are written in NTFS format
Press F8 at startup and run the command line can you access it through DOS? PM if you still cant fix it