I have just installed a new DLink DIR-655 router. My Windows Vista does not see the network when in wireless mode. The router is connected to AT&T modem and the computer will acces the internet when connected via network cable. I contacted DLink. DLink's solution was to upgrade firmware. I upgraded firmware to latest on DLink website. Vista see the neighbors network but not my network with the router 2 feet away. My droid phones connect to router without problems.

Does anyone have a solution or suggestion?

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what kind of router does you neighbour have !!
whats your laptop brand and model #
your laptos wireless device may not be compatible with the d-link ,also using you internet browser ,type the d-link ip address[] into the address bar[just click on next when asked for password ] and add a wireless device ,als make sure that the wireless chanel is set the same on both computers


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Ditto, manually input the information and see if it registers when forced to find it. I had similiar problems with my router at home. Seeing as how your droid can connect, it doesn't sound like a problem with the router itself. You can always your neighbor if HE can see your network. I'm pretty sure my routers a D-link as well and it connects just fine with my copy of windows 7 and my laptop with XP. Also check your wireless controls. You maybe have a programming issue with the siftware that manages your wireless card. Just had a guy that had that issue. his wireless card wouldn't detect networks and the indicator light was off, so i fooled around and located the controls and reset to auto-govern and it worked fine after that.

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