hey all,
i had major corruption on my exchange server and had to blow away alot of data, even mailboxes...was able to do a disaster recovery for exchange but can restore the information store because its unable to attach to one of the drives....i'm assuming its my M drive because its not there anymore.. i had to disjoin it from the domain becuase of multiple event log errors, and i think when i rejoined it, it broke the connection to M....does anyone know how to restore that?? i got a script that doesnt work, ifsdrive M, cmd prompt doesnt recognize ifsdrive. please help!!


well, what i've noticed is the information store has to be up for the M drive to come back....my problem then is i cant start the sytem attendant service! it keeps saying error 1053 could not start in a timely manor, timed out. please help! thank you!

ok, everything is back up and running, SA was started, i had to do a complete disaster recovery and restore of the information store...that seemed to fix everything...now i'm back to my original problem where my exchange server just keeps rebooting, now almost every hr. i've been scanning for viruses and they do keep showing up, mostly variants of mytob, i think i had a new one of tooso.k, but i couldnt find any reg keys or files it added....anyone have any idea why i keep rebooting evey hr?? the errors that have been coming up are for the MS exchange DS access that the preloadbaseDNs and preloadfilters reg keys dont contain the same # of entries....but then the MS MTA runs its recovery on several objects and gives a warning that that process has completed successfully....would these have anything to do with the system rebooting itself so often?? please help!

again...we seem to have everything fixed....looks like a virus got in, a new one "new heur"? hasnt been widely distributed but running nod32 seemed to pick it up and i was able to remove all associated files....so we're good!