I had a particularly nasty worm that kept reappearing on my pc after each reboot. So my antivirus company wrote me a custom cleaner. Unfortunately it destroyed my file associations and now everything I try to open takes me to an open with window. They sent me this file but did not tell me how to use it. I am thinking that I need to reformat because rundll.exe is gone as well. Can someone please help me?


Never mind I fixed it with info I found here.


NOTE: If your EXE file associations are corrupted, it can be difficult to open REGEDIT, or to even import REG files. To work around this, press CTRL-ALT-DEL and open Task Manager. Once there, click File, then hold down the CTRL key and click New Task (Run). This will open a Command Prompt window. Enter REGEDIT.EXE and press Enter.
Thanks to Nigel Andrews for this tip.

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