I have had a fairly stable install of Windrows XP for over a year now. I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever, until last night. I did nothing special, installed nothing new, but when I shut down my pc it went through all the normal steps but the power didn't turn off. It wont even turn off if I hold down the power button. Once it is in this state, if I hit the power button it will begin to boot up, but it will not turn on my monitor, I have found that in order to turn my pc back on I have to hit power, then hit restart for it to properly start up.

I have looked for answers and the most common way to resolve problems like this seems to be by activating apm, however I do not have an apm tab in either power management, or BIOS.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm wondering if I didn't explain the problem well enough, or is it just a stumper? Any response is appreciates.

My relatively (year old) new Dell PC is very capricious about shutting down. At least one time out of four I end up switching it off from the power point/plug. But it doesn't seem to worry the beast. It turns on normally next time. If that helps at all. I assume it must be reasonably common. Like freezing...turn it off. Don't worry.
Or perhaps I have missed something?