Working with a netbook with 1Gh Processor and 1 Gb memory Only some supportive software such as adobe reader, flash AVG anti virus, malware, etc. The hard drive is 60% free and regularly maintained with diskclean and defrag. Exploit software used is"

- Windows Defender
- Malware Bytes
- Webroot

Multiple scans of each show only instances of tracking cookies that are successfully removed on each pass.

I find the drive light is on or rapidly flashing much more than normal and I find a significant amount of latency with the keyboard and mouse. Want to use the tools to determine precisely what is occupying the harddrive

Using services.msc services items such as smartcard, themes, and zune services were stopped. All other processes had dependencies and/or were vital

Screenshots of activity are posted to Windows live screenshots at for specific guidance on how to identify and reduce disk contention

I am not looking for recommendations for more software. I am looking for a way [administratively] to identify exactly what is contibuting to the excessive drive activity and to manage/control it through the operating system. The performance monitor in administrative tools is something that might assist. I would require guidance on how to set hard drive performance studies. It is my hope to recieve the benefit of an informed reply

do the task manager one again ,only this time click on the process tab ,make sure to check off show all ,and maximize to show all the processes listed