I am planning on getting a new computer soon with a 64bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium. The whole computer will be custom built by myself and I will be getting each part separately. What I want to know is this:

If I put my current computer's hard drive, which has XP (Professional, 32bit) on, as a secondary hard drive/slave drive, will it cause any issues with the new computer?

The reason I want to do this is to save me having to transfer all the data across. I don't mind if it will mean I can't boot into XP from the drive, all I want are the files on it. Images, videos, etc. I know that most of the programs will not run as they place registry entries and they will be missing and those programs will be re-installed properly.

That doesn't really answer my question.


I don't think you will have any problems. Make sure you boot device is set to the Win 7 installation (in the BIOS).

You may add the drive later after you have installed Windows 7 if you are bothered about corrupting the data.

You may also need to take ownership of some files, I have done something similar to what you did and had to take ownership of the files before I could access and transfer them.

Just to let you know; new hard drives usually use a SATA connection, if your old hard drive is SATA you just need to connect it and make sure the Windows 7 installation is set to be booted in the BIOS. If your OLD hard drive is PATA then you may need to change the jumper settings if you are connecting another device on the same cable e.g. a DVD drive (change jumper settings on this device too).

- Let us know how it goes

I'm almost 100% certain that my current hard drive is SATA but I will check when I get around to building my new computer.

My plan was to build the new computer, install everything I need/want on it then put in the old hard drive to get everything from.

Seems Like a sound plan to me...

- Let us know how it goes