I have a folder stored on my main computer. The computer main computer is a Linux computer, but it's using Samba to connect to the network. I have a new laptop that I want to accessthis folder with write permission regularly to work on various projects on both computers at once.

I already have the sharing set up, but I noticed a feature that would allow me to "map" this folder. I want to do this, and I've already found out how, but I'm wondering if someone could answer these two questions first:

- Does this do anything other than make a fake drive? Will the other computer notice anything?

- Is this process reversible? If so, how?

Mapping just makes it easy to refer to a network share and doesn't actually do anything to the network share. It's basically synonymous with a file shortcut; it doesn't change the file, but makes a "pointer" to it for easier access. I mount shares all the time. They are very helpful to use. Unmounting a file share is easy as well, just right-click the share in File Explorer and select "Disconnect".