Does anyone know how can I download or save a short movie clip without having to visit the website again. Also I wanted to keep the file for my own reference in case the clip is no longer available online?

Do you need a special software in order to download/upload movie clips/trailers?


First, the website has to offer the option to download. If their clips are only available as streaming you cannot download them. However if there is just a link to the file you can right click the link and click save target as or save link as(mozilla). The link to the file may also be a picture, just make sure you don't save the image, always save the target of the link.

No problem, glad I could help

U can download streaming video and song

1. Get URLSnooper software(zip file, 1994 KB) & Firefox web browser

2. Install them By following Installation Instructions.

3. Go to ur favorite movie clips website and select the movie name which u want to leech.

4. Fire Up URLSnooper, Click on the "Sniff Network" button and minimize it.

5. Click On the clip you'd like to leech and let it play for a second or two.

6. Maximize URLSnooper, now u can c 2 urls, Right Click on the Second entry and click "Copy Selected URL(s) to clipboard (strip all args)".

7. Click on your firefox address bar, Press Ctrl+V and then hit Enter, you'll get a message.

Select the "Save to Disk" Option and Press OK

8. It will ask you for a location to save the files in, give it, and the download will start!


Hi, guys...
I don know i am posting at the right place or not. Actually I wanna know about these Movie Download sites, and I'm highly suspicious of their claims of "dvd quality movies", etc...especially if I'm going to pay for this.
What you guys think about this..