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I am a computer enthusiast and I assemble my own PCs. I wanted to know how to brand the PC with custom System Manufacturer and System Model settings. I am aware of the OEMINFO.ini file but that only changes information in the Computer properties page when you right-click 'My Computer' and choose properties.

But when you use dxdiag, the System Manufacturer and System Model read "To be filled by O.E.M". Could anyone please tell me how to go about changing these settings ? Changing the OEMINFO.ini file does not affect these values.
OEM manufacturers like Dell, Sony have changed the settings on their
products, so I'm sure it's possible.


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What DXDIAG shows is the data read from your mobo's DMI, which is filled in by the mobo manufacturer. In my case, I have an MSI mainboard and DxDiag shows System Manufacturer as 'Micro Star International LTD'. You really can't do much about it.

Who's the manufacturer of your main board?

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