HP Mini 110-1100 recently downloaded and installed upgrades through Microsoft and now there is no audio or webcam drivers. Tried to download and install, but they fail each time. Also unable in install Windows 7 Security upgrades through the Microsoft download manager. Any suggestions as to what has happened and hot to fix? Used this machine to Skype with my son overseas with the Army and now it's useless for that. Thanks.

Tried system restore, however the restore point was after the backup that hosed everything up to start with. Since the unit came preloaded with software, I have no system disk to reload with. I may just switch over to Ubuntu like I have on my other computers. It's just not worth the hastle to deal with Microsoft anymore. Never had an issue with Linux so far and its been a good while since I started using it.

I may just switch over to Ubuntu like I have on my other computers, go for if you like it then do whats best for you ,i have used many linux live cd but never really like it enough to switch , i been using windows since win 3.11, and rarely have the problems people come here looking for help with ,my win7 install is trouble free almost[lol]since Sept last year