OK.. I got my hands on an old ibm thinkpad without a floppy drive and cd rom. Its running on windows 98 se. the modem is not working and it got no ethernet connection.

It DOES have a usb port so i bought a usb ethernet controller (Billionton 10/100 fastethernet)
But It doesnt work without the drivers.

My problem is:

How can i get the ethernet drivers onto the thinkpad?

Any ideas would be highly appreciated :D

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parallel to parallel: http://www.wown.com/j_helmig/dccmain.htm


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all devices i know of to used to transfer files will need software installed to do so ! one way would be to remove hdd and connect to a laptop hdd to desktop ide converter and transfer all file to the hdd then put it back in the laptop and run there install .
One of these

Did you do a clean reinstal off of IBM ddisks / revcovery partition or a vanilla one. IBM OEM disks and recovery partitions (I have an R30) have a directory under c:\ibmtools where all the drivers, help, extra programs etc... for the thinkpad are kept.

For paralell to paralell its SLOWWWWWWWWW but you can use win8 direct cable conection to do it, which (I think) needs no drivers. However, this may not even be possible as thinkpads use wierd mobos and you may even need a driver for that.

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