I can't run my Task Manager and I dont know why. I have several theories, but I won't preted I know much about what I'm talking about.

I recently got a new computer, installed limewire and now I dont have a task manager. The reason I think this is relevant is as follows.

Limwire does several things that irk me.
-Runs on startup even though I deselected that option. And I don't think it's in my startup menu, but I don't know for sure how to tell.
-After I end the program, it starts back up, as if it's in a loop.
-Shares Files I have to tell it not to share EVERY TIME I START!!

Why am I talking about Limewire? Because I had it before I downloaded it, You think the simple solution is to uninstall Limewire, but how will that get my Task Manager back?

I used Window's help and given the circumstances I chose the "You need to Re-install the program file" option. It went as follows

-Insert the installation compact disc.
-Click Browse the CD.
-In the folder list, open the I386 folder.
-Find the name of the missing file. which was Taskmgr.ex_ it's
-Copy the compressed file to your systemroot\System32 folder on your hard drive. (which I never could find, and is the reason I gave up and am Posting)
-Click Start, click Run, and then type:
expand %systemroot%\system32\my_file_name.ex_ %systemroot%\system32\my_file_name.exe
and then press ENTER.

I don't know what to do, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

-Copy the compressed file to your systemroot\System32 folder on your hard drive. (which I never could find, and is the reason I gave up and am Posting)

system root is your windows folder .. like c:\windows\system32.

nope, lol all I have is System (no 32) and Twain_32. I looked through the system folder and none of the apps are .exe they're all .dll file extensions?? I could be full of crap too ;)

I'm afraid you've simply stuffed up your Windows installation by installing and using one of the nastier flavours of File sharing software available. We can't help you with advice about how to use Limewire successfully. It's against forum guidelines for assistance with P2P software to be given here.

Don't believe what the Limewire website claims. Using it will lead to a system which is riddled with intrusive rubbish, and for many people will lead to system file corruption.

If you want help with removing the critter completely from your system, and with identifying and removing any nasty intruders on your system, please follow the advice in the various pinned topics in our 'Viruses, spyware and Nasties' section, and post a topic there should you need further help with cleaning up your PC.

Personally, I'd advise that you format/fresh install or use the Recovery CD of your PC to restore it to original state, and refrain from installing such software in future.

Topic closed.

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