Just deleted my Ubuntu partition and went through the steps to fix Windows's boot process. I used the Installation CD to fix the MBR (typed 'bootrec /fixmbr' and 'bootrec /fixboot' in cmd prompt). That didn't work. I tried it while having the operating system selected and not selected in the menu on the CD. I also tried the Startup Repair tool, which told me my stuff was fixed and to reboot to finish repairs. I did that. So then I took out the Install CD and rebooted to test out the magic........ "No such partition. Grub rescue>"
Is there a solution that doesn't involve installing a fresh copy of windows or reinstalling ubuntu?

I'm dyin here guys.

This is a try in a hurry. Get Boot132 ( you must have access to another computer or you wouldn't be on here eh!) and burn it. It is an iso. This should be able to get you into windows. Then get easy BSD or another boot manager and fix the MBR. It will rewrite or repair for you.There are other ways around but this first of top of my head.Boot132 has saved my bacon many times. Good Luck.