hey I'm currently running XP pro, i duno wat happend but like one day i turned on my computer and i logged into my account...at the blue screen where it says "loading user preference" it loads that for a very long time, longer than usual then when it does finally log into windowz all of my stuff is gone, my wall paper is changed back to the original XP wallpaper and all the iconz are gone, i go into my my documents and everything is gone but all my programs in C drive are still there just seems to be things on my desk top....
i really need thoes things back...but cant find them anywhere...=S
any help will be appreciated =D

Your windows account is corrupt. Create a new one by going to Control Panel / User Accounts.

All your stuf is stored on the hard drive in a folder called Documents and settings.
From inside the other user account you can either go into My Computer and access yourolusername's documents or navigate to c:\documents and settings\youroldusername and copy the documents over.

Hmm...stuff like that doesn't just happen. Gemini is right about the file path to the documents, however - I'm not sure I like something like this happening. I will do some snooping around, and see if I can figure out what caused that problem.

In the mean time, can you tell me if you have done anything to the computer since the last time it worked? (IE installed anything, changed any major settings) I'm sure you wouldn't have done any of it on purpose, as I understand most people try to avoid the more complex functions of their computer, but If you haven't installed anything, please grab HJT from my signature, run 'Scan with Log' and send me a PM with it, or post it in Viruses, Spyware and other nasties for someone to take a look at.