Hi there.
On my home computer, I have a folder with all my IT homework in it. At school, I have another IT folder for all of my lesson work. Is it possible to sync the documents between these two folder into one folder with everything? So if I save work at home, it will automatically appear in my IT folder. To make things more complicated, my school uses Windows XP and I have Windows 7.
Thanks :)

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have a look at 'drop box', not ideal but very effective.
there is also a program called 'easysync' if you are no line all the time at both locations.



Sorry I didn't mark the thread solved cos it was so old!
I've done it now but thanks for the suggestions :)

I'm using Syncplicity to upload my home IT folder to the Syncplicity site, which is in turn synced with Google docs. Then I have GDoc downloader, which download all my google docs.

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