My CD drive started having a cute little problem a while back. When I pressed the button to open it, the light would blink but there would be no response. No problem, I just found a way to pry it open, so that I could put the CD in. Then I pressed the button and it would shut easily.
...But not anymore. Suddenly it decides that it'll go back in, but only to a certain point. The tray keeps attempting to close but meets some sort of problem. And naturally, my computer is begging to be restored (it's beyond help). This couldn't come at a worse time. Anyone ever encountered and conquered this problem?



Prying open the drive is never a good idea. If you must force a drive open, you should push a pin or very small rod through the hole on the drive to have the drive force the tray open. I imagine that you have damaged the tray through repeatedly forcing it open. You should replace the drive.


I too would replace the drive. Computer mechanicals are easy to replace... if the defective drive scratches up your data CD-ROMS, the problem could easily get out of control.