I've had this problem with Hotmail over the last 3 weeks, everytime I go to login, the page begins to load and just goes blank while "loading." The little hourglass still shows that it's working but nothing happens. Sometimes after a long, long period of time (hours), the page will finally open and it might work until I close the window. Everything else seems to work fine, and I even uninstalled and re-installed IE. Please let me know what to do. Thanks.

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First of all it has nothing to do with IE.
No garantees, as I don't know if you have ISDN, ADSL or plain telephone costs
You should try the following:
Try updating MSN
If you have the same problem with hotmail you should and/or your problem should be redirected to MSN.
Forget MSN take yahoo!

take a look at the file posted earlier called hotmail fixer

I have seen this before..

Next time you login when the page goes blank hit F5..

Now it loads right?

Your problem is internet settings (possibly changed by spyware)

Open IE

Tools | Internet Options | Advanced
Restore Defaults

Tehn Goto Programs
Reset Web Settings

Then Goto general
Delete Offline COntent and Cookies.

Hi, We've had this problem time and time again with IE and login problems to eBay, Hotmail and other sites that increased encryption from 2.0 to 3.0.

Even if you restore defaults the SSL encryption resets to 2.0.

Try the follwoing and see if it resolves your issure:

Control Panel --> Internet Options --> Advance Tag --> tick SLL 3.0 (default 2.0) --> ok and try to login.

The SLL 2.0, 3.0 and TLS 1.0 options are towards the bottom of the list, hope this helps.


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