hello, my domain is www.sailingtherapy.com

I have 2 problems and need a little saavy advice... trade for sailing lol.

Anyway, I got a usb data cable for my gsm motorola t721 coming. I am looking for software to ramp to my isp from the cell cabled into my laptop, on the boat... whoohoo, freedom at last... Know some software out there in public domainland?

problem two. This older laptop is loaded with digital charts and I port a GPS in for navigation, way kewl. However, I killed my ability to find servers on the web, despite a working dialup connection, trying lot of ramps too. Always get a dns error, cant find server in explorer. The upgrade to 98SE was the culprit. I tried old and newest versions of int. exploper and am on the ropes, ready to the wipe the drive and load ME or something. But I hate to erase my nav charts and software, about 3 gb..

If you want to post this on a thread or forum I can come back and find it, with a little help. Got to sign off now and study for a Captn license!

Thanks in advance, I need a piece of this kind of home, so letz reciprocate!

cheers, marko:lol:

I do not know if I am in the right place. I am trying to reply to a post about having a wireless connection but not being able to browse the interent because of a DNS error. I have a wireless connection that has a strength of 54mbps but everytime I try to load a page, I get the message "Cannot display webpage." I know someone else has had this problem but I cannot find the post. If anyone can help me-- please be thourough and explain it in terms that someone who has a very basic understanding of the interent would understand.

NOTE: I am obviously new to forums and did not mean to post a question within your question, sorry Marko.

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