Hello all..

Ok, so, for some random reason, about 2 or 3 months ago, my precious, old fashioned keyboard stopped working :-/ . I changed it for a USB one and that solved the trick.

Now, i'm trying to reinstall windows due to all the crap that's on my pc, i have XP pro and now XP Black. With XP Pro, i can't just install it because of all the online upgrades, the CD version is now older than what i have on my PC so i'd have to reformat the drive. XP Black is an upgrade so i can put it on, but i want to make sure that i get rid of all the crap that's already on my C drive before i put some more onto it.

In any case, to the question i REALLY wanted to ask... when i try to boot from CD, or try pressing any button on my keyboard while windows is loading (so the moment any post appears on the screen) there is no reaction, i get nothing:S . I can't even make it boot from drive. Even when it gives me the option to start in safe mode or normal, i can't go up or down to select. Is there any advice anyone can give me? Am i doing something wrong? What could it be? :'(
I've tried several of the 'old style' keyboards on it, none will work, so i'm stuck with the USB one, but if it works once Windows has loaded, why won't it work for me to boot from cd? I'm confuded.... and not to mention frustrated:angry: ! PLEASE HELP?! PLEEEAAASSSEEE?!
(and sorry about the essay, once i get going i just can't stop myself!):)

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You need to configure the BIOS settings to Boot from Optical Device. Here follow the steps to configure:
First of all you need to check the which key is your BIOS accepts to modify the settings, such key are 'del' or 'F2'
Start system and Press the 'del' key if it not enters BIOS then try next one key 'F2'

In Bios Go to boot options (may be Advanced configuration category) in 1st Boot device change it to CD-ROM and save the BIOS settings and exit.



i managed to do that, thanks. however, when it wants to boot from cd it asks you first to press any key on the keyboard to initialise.... but i could be banging my head against it and nothing would happen. i try to press every possible key but nothing, it's like the keyboard stops for that moment. any idea why? or how i could overcome that? or if there's a specific button that would work OR if there's a setting of some sort that it will boot from cd without me having to do anything? thanks


make sure that the usb keyboard is set in the bios

Thank you Caperjack...i was offline for too long time...thanks again for help to 'Tinki'

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