Over the weekend my Dell Inspiron 530 started to shut down randomly and had trouble restarting. Sometimes the discs spin up, I get to the user login screen, and windows fails to load. AVG had identified and cleaned a Confiker variant (don't recall which), and I had moved the monitor while rearranging my work space such that it pulled the PC sideways a few inches. Those are the only things out of the ordinary that I have noticed. Running the Vista Home Premium it came with, sp2 and up-to-date on everything microsoft has told me I need to update.

I have:

  1. restored to an earlier point
  2. booted from Windows CD and run repair
  3. booted in safe mode and run AVG
  4. booted to command prompt and run chkdsk/r
  5. booted from Hiren's boot cd and run several diagnostic and repair utilities
  6. downloaded (on the laptop) Glary RR, loaded and ran it - it found and fixed 130+ issues
  7. tried to run windows safety scanner, but computer shuts down before it can finish
  8. bitched and moaned just an incredible amount

This is my work computer and it is loaded with work in documents and Autocad files. I have run backups religiously, last successful backup on 01/03/2011. Now system doesn't recognize my backup drive and wants me to reformat it.

I humbly ask for assistance. I'm out of my depth here.

Best regards,


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Now it spins up, starts to load, and shuts down. Power doesn't gon off, light on power switch goes from blue to orange and the box whirrs and stops, whirrs and stops. Can't even boot from cd.

I think if you repeat step 2-5 and skip number 6, it might work again.
in step 2 you should maybe also restore it to an older point than first time, if that one is giving you trouble.

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