Hello To All!

I have a Pocket PC (Ipaq) running Pocket Pc 2003

Would anyone happen to know how I can synchronize my WORK EXCHANGE Email folders (Inbox, personal folders, etc) with my actual Pocket PC??

I do not have Outlook at work but rather utilize only the WEB to logon to Exchange to acess my email....

Any ideas?!?!

Thanks so much!

Assume you are using Exchange Server. Then Install Active Sync software in your system and start synching your mailbox including your Tasks - but not your personal folders. Remember you need to install Outlook for this.

If you do not want to install outlook i nyour system, and like to sync your mailbox with your Pocket PC, your Exchange server has to be enabled for Exchange Active Sync protocol, then you could take advantage of synching your mailbox while you are on the road, provided you have wireless connectivity (either GPRS from your mobile service provider or you should be in Wireless hotspot)

Read this Top Ten Reasons why an organization should enable Exchange Active Sync for their Mobile information Workers - http://www.messagingtalk.org/content/219.html

Shaji Firoz