Hey there.

You know that little folder on the left hand side at the bottom next to the windows icon?
You know that folder that when you minimize windows, it minimizes to that folder?

Welll, i managed to unpin that folder so now it is GoNE... And i have NO idea how to get it back?...

so.... HOw DO i get it back? :?:

=) =)

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Have you tried restoring back to a time before you did it?

Thatttt could be a problem as it was about 6months ago... I tried my best so it wont bother me... but in the end it did..

at the moment i have control pannell pined there so i can at least see minimized forms, but now i cant right click it to see recently accessed files


Open your libraries folder or your documents folder then on the taskbar there should appear a little folder then right click to the folder icon then select "pin this program to taskbar".

I hope this will help you...



just open any folder...and at the start taskbar there..right click on the folder and select 'pin this program to start menu' and u're done..=)

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