hey guys, any help would me much appreciated.

whenever i try to run a game of any sort that requires graphics ie underground 2, san andreas etc my direct x packs a fit. i have tried reinstalling the drivers for my comp, even the OS but nothing has worked. i have all the new nvidia drivers for my nvidia geforce 4 graphics card and the latest version of direct x -( 9.0c)

i have played this game before on this computer and it worked fine, i cant think of any thing that i havent checked.

the really weird thing tho is that my mate had a crack at fixing it and he installed some chipset drivers, this made it work untill i got it home then it went back to its useless self.

any help would be much appreciated.


Please explain what you mean by "direct x packs a fit".

Do you get an error message?
Does the rendering in your game mess up? If so, how?
Does the game suddenly shut down?

What exactly is the problem? The more specific you are, the better answers we can provide.