For some strange reason, Windows says my profile has not been found. I can see the folder and contents (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator) and everything seems to be ok. However, Windows is unable to save a new config, and everytime I log in, the same error appears. A "Temp" profile has been created, but it does not persist over sessions.

Two Questions:

1) How can I create a new profile and avoid that annoying message (and of course, avoid to lose the settings)?

2) Is it possible to restore the data of my previous profile? there lies my inbox, my address book, bookmarks, and other important apps config that I don't want to edit from scratch. :sad:

Thanks in advance.

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seems like the hardware profile problem, go system propperties--hard ware tab---hardware profiles, copy a new one.
if you think it is the user profile problem, go to registry editor--current user, check if you have the full controll permission, otherwise, you can not change your setting with windows.

Finally I figured out how to solve the problem. I created a new user with admin rights, then, logged in with the new user, moved the "damaged" profile folder (which Windows had renamed as "Administrator.bak") to a safe location. Next, re-logged in as Administrator, and had a "plain" Administrator profile being created by Windows. Finally, using the another account, copied every folder inside the .bak to the recently created profile. That solved (1) in 100% and about 90% of (2). Some minor things were lost, but I can live with that. ;)

thx share


I am sorry that I did not catch this post earlier. Missed the radar screen.

Windows Profiles are user specific, and very easy to corrupt. They store everything unique to the user -- the IE shortcuts, pieces of MS Office, the color of your desktop picture, bunches of internet temp files, and other neat things.

Profile re-creation happens once in a while for all of us.

Now, I do have to ask you why you are using the Administrator account for what appears to be normal daily tasks? That is like giving the master key to a building to someone who just needs to unlock the bathroom once a day. You would be wise to create a power user or a normal account, and use that for your day to day activities.


if it is not a heavy task server, it is just a home used personal computer, do you think it is necessary to creat another account?


I am a firm believer that administrative accounts are for administration. Looking at security principles on computers, it is good medical advice to leave privelage accounts alone, and use them only when you need them. I do this on my home machines, along with the work machines.


Because if something were to run amok on the machine, if I am the administrative user, then the whole computer's filesystem is exposed and open to attack. Or if I mis-type a command, and tell the computer to delete files, and the whole things is gone.

As a normal user, you are protected by the computer from such wild mistakes, or exposed threats. As a normal user, you cannot get into the file system and kill off critical files that make the system work.


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