How to save password in internet explorer..?
In case if i am having a proxy server which has username and password.
Whenever if i am opening a browser i will prompt me to type username & password for the proxy server.
Even after i check the option save password in the popup window after typing the username & Password.
Once after i open another browser window it comes with the blank box without the username & password which i saved in previous window..
--the steps that i have done is here
tools>>IEoptions>>content>>Autocomplete>>chk both options username&pwd on forms/prompt me to save password.
Plz let me know what can be done further..without going into registry..


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i have also same problem. i have proxy address which my isp provide me with username and passowrd. everytime i have type that which annoy me.
and username and password which i tried that is for online form or mail not for the proxy.
can anyone help me in this issue.

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