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hey guys..
i have a Dual core althon 2.2ghz
abit motherboard
2gig ddr2 800
160 gigs
graphics cards
1 DVD Writer
and ps 400w
2 fans

when i turn my pc it boots but when the log in screen of windows comes it shuts down by itself..
i have removed all the hardware put everything back the same problem
installed new Os but the same problem
run anti virus and reg cleaners the same problem.

cleaned all the dust of the cput fan the same problem..
i am starting to think that is my power supply do guys have any help for me?thanks

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400watts seems rather low for a power hungry beast like that. Perhaps a more powerful power supply will get your system working properly.

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i have tried the whole systems with one hardrive without dvd-wr,graphics and two still kept on shutting down by itself...the shutdown only happens when i boot a operating systems...sometimes i boot successful using the option called last known good configuration(advanced). and installed a software to show the temperature of the cpu.the cpu temperature is about 32c to 36c and the systems is around 35c to 37c..when i turn on the computer and i go to bios..i can leave for a day on the computer doesnt go off as soon as i go to windows 7 it goes off.

I suggest getting into windows using `last known good con....` as you did before, then set chkdsk to check your hard drive on next reboot, also while your in windows 7, make yourself a`WIN 7 system REPAIR disc, simply type recdisc.exe in search and burn to cd. hope this helps..

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Guys thanks for all the but i found the problem.the Caps on the motherboard are faulty,they are have enlarged on top i so i got a new board and the computer works just fine..

You could have replaced the caps!

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