this is my first ever post so im not sure what i have to do.

but on booting up windows i get 3 system32 errors, see below

Error loading C:\Windows\system32\aowajsge.dll
error loading C:\windows\system32\plgniewi.dll
error loading c:\windows\system32\mxuaksdfnsamufc.dll

This only occured after using Superantispyware.

Can anyone help me please?

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its a good thing and a bad thing

looks like your super anti spyware has worked, and it has removed the files

the problem is, they are set to startup still
remove them by going to
start -> run -> msconfig -> startup

remove the previous, or anything that looks suspicious

might want to run a virus scan just to be safe as well


unchecked the boxes in startup and have run CCleaner, although only for Internet explorer. should i run CCleaner for 'system' as well or ?

When i reboot i get 'system configuration utility' saying that its currently in diagnostic or selective startup mode, cuasing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time windows starts.
Chooose the normal startup mode on the general tab to start windows normally and undo the changes you made using the system configuration utility.

or click the box to 'dont show this message or lauch the system configuration utility when windows start:

what should i do?

thanks for everyones help so far, much appreciated.


and have run CCleaner, although only for Internet explorer. should i run CCleaner for 'system' as well or ?

why just internet explorer ,i actually didn't watch the link i posted for the how to use ccleaner ,guess i should have .i been using it to clean computers for a long time now i just use it as its installed i don't make any changes .i run the cleaner and the registry ,run and fix error in the registry 2 to 3 times till it shows no more errors .

also on the screen for the system utility there is a check box lower left corner to check off when it reboots so it doesn't show each reboot

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