i have a program on windows me called Ez cd creater, its a way to burn your music cd for a copy of that. when you go to burn it after the cd is copied there is no files that show the cd's music file on it, in other words when i copy the cd's music files i cant find it on my harddrive as if it doesnt copy to my harddrive, yet since i have been doing this i have noticed a super slow down in my computer performance. any ideas of what may be going on? could the music files be hidden? info needed pls

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Some applications, by default copy music to \My Documents\My Music folder. Have you checked there?

there is no need for i have deleted that folder long ago, i have been through all my files and folders and see nothing that resembles those music files, is it possible they were downloaded onto my computer, then transfered from my hardrive to the cd and end up off my hd?

By default, Easy CD Creator uses the Windows TEMP folder to store copies of the music files IIRC. You should be able to find exactly how and where your particular install of Easy CD Creator is storing the files by having a look through the program's preferences/options settings.

i found the file you spoke of and deleted it, havent used cd creator since, yet my comp is a s slow as ever and my virus scan doesnt show any new viruses, could i be experienceing another problem

Your performance hit could be caused a few things; I'd start with this:

See which programs and processes are using the most CPU time and RAM by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then clicking the Task Manager button in the resulting window. When Task Manager opens, click the "Processes" tab to view the list of running processes and the system resources they're using. You can sort the list (highest to lowest) by CPU or Memory Usage by clicking on the corresponding headers in the list.

If you see anything running that seems to be hogging a lot of your system resources, give us the details.

i dont have a task manager button, im running windows me

Try Start - run - taskman

If I'm right, and I think I might be. Windows ME doesn't come with Task Manager.

Try downloading a program called startuplist, available from this site: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html

If you post the results of whats running at startup we might be able to ascertain whats wrong.

If you post the results of whats running...

If the original poster is still alive... :mrgreen:

(Hint: this thread has been inactive for over 7 months)

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