Well thanks for all these software...really helpful.

Am I the only one here who uses Avast! antivirus? I find it a pretty good AV package (better than AVG actually) and is ultra light on resources. Plus, the Home Edition is free, and supports Windows XP x64 Edition. It also comes with Script Blocking, Internet Mail Shield, Web Shield, IM Shield, Network Shield, P2P Shield. Adequate protection.

I used to use it until I got infected, it did not stop the Trojan from performing its nasty piece of work on my PC so I got rid of it, not everything that is free, does not always work, you get what you pay for, Mate.

Here's my list :)

Internet security: Comodo Internet Security (http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/free-internet-security.php)

Browser: Mozilla Firefox

PC Clean-up/tuning: TuneUp Utilities, CCleaner

Torrents: BitTorrent, utorrent

email: Incredimail

Archiving: 7Zip

FTP: FileZilla

Office tools: OpenOffice

PDF reader: FoxIt Reader

Video converters: Any Video Converter, (mkv creator) Handbrake

File recovery: Recuva

Remote assistance: Team viewer

Hi to all,

I like Kernel for windows data recovery software which is very meaningful while you lost your important data from your hard drive. It can easily recovers the accidentally deleted files or folders, corrupted files and data etc. You can try it from -


Hmmmm i think ill give opera a try :)

EDIT: i like :)

Yes, Opera does worth!

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