URGENT HELP NEEDED - critically important...!!!

Respected geeks,

Coming straight, here goes the problem:


RAM: DDR RAM 1.5 GB Dual
Processor P4 3.2 Ghz

Operating System: Windows Advanced server 2000

Application: SAP (an ERP PACKAGE)

Database: Oracle 9i

Note: Same single desktop computer with configuration stated above is used as server as well as client. It is NOT on any network. No second computer is networked to it.


The SAP application along with oracle database occupies around 60 GB out of 160 GB but the HDD is partitioned as follows:

C: 60 GB having SAP installed of 30 GB
D: 60 GB having oracle installed of 25 GB
E: 40 GB having documents 5 GB


I want to make an IMAGE DRIVE (CLONE) of the above 160 HDD....??????????????????????? on to another new 160 GB HDD...?????????


Q1. Which software should i use...ACronis True Image or Norton Ghost or any one (please name it) most suitable for above situation.....?????????

Q2. Also there are many versions of cloning software (like server version; enterprise version etc etc)...which version should i use to clone of the software used above...?????



Q3. Is it really going to be exact replica...??????????

Q4. Any special precautions or caution...???????????

Note that I am a finance guy and that this would be the first time that I would be cloning...therefore please please explain and reply in as simple words as possible without assuming much prior knowledge but only basic familiarity with computers...

I also dont know DOS....!!! (but ready to learn if required)....

For normal work; I use windows xp professional which is installed on another 80 GB HDD; which has got NO relation with 160 GB HDD referredd above...

Thanks so much for having the patience and putting time in reading my long story and possibly coming forward for most simple practicable optimized solution....?????????

I am anxiously waiting for ur replies and would clone based on what is suggested / replied....

Thanks again so much....

Your help is truly genuinely appreciated...

Thanks again for anticipated help and cooperation.

Best warmest regards,


sunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com

p.s. if u want to add anything or suggest something please feel free to do so...

Use a bootable disk for Norton Ghost. Any version will do the task you are wanting to do (ie: Home/pro/etc) Norton Ghost will mirror the drive exactly as it is on the primary drive. All partitioning data and subsequent data will be cloned to the new formatted HDD.

Answer 1) Norton Ghost
Answer 2) Any available version will do this task
Answer 3) Yes it will be an identical copy
Answer 4) Norton Ghost has made it a very easy task. No worries if you mess up on the copy. Just reformat the New HDD and start again :) chances are nothing will go wrong since this is a relatively simple operation.

As a precautionary standard I would suggest running a Virus Check as well as Defrag on the drive prior to copying the information to a new drive. Not being aware of the exact enviroment the original drive was in these steps will help reduce additional work on the new drive. Anytime you are cloning one drive onto another it is best to use caution though you think everything is clean. This is just advice from many lessons learned the hard way. Hope this helps!


I would install a second hard drive @ 160 GB (probably make it 180 GB second drive, as drives are not exactly sized, and your second one has to be at least as large as the first one) and I would mirror the partitions using the Disk Administrator.

I would also change your title to reflect on what you are seeking, instead of how badly you need it.


While I agree ghost is the best. I personally would go with ghost 2003. Seems like alot of people haveing problems with ghost 2004. Ghost 2004 will not create a bootable disk like ghost 2003. You have to use a 3rd party program to make 2004 bootable. So go with 2003 it by default is the easiest to use. Just my 2 cents.