i currently use vista,,while trying to nwatch horse racing videos in the afternoon ,, the video stops and starts every few seconds,, can anyone help please

no one able to help ,, thanks anyway

You need to test the speed of your internet connection. Google for broardband speed test then post the resutls from several testers.

download speed 4.2mb

upload speed 0.4

what does this mean please

You need to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) what speed you are meant to be getting as 4.2mb is quite low. I get 12bm from BT Internet as an example.

thank u very much for your reply ,, does it cost more for the extra from the provider

That will depend very much on what ISP you are with and how long you have been with them for. Phoning them up once your fixed contract has expired and telling them that you are fed up with the cost and slow speeds can really get good results. I was originally on a contract with BT for 8meg (never exceeded 6 tho) at £25 a month, I called them and said I want to cancel and go with Sky and BT offered an unlimited useage 12meg connection for £12 a month.
It pays to complain!