My desktop computer (xp media center edition)(Packard bell)(3 years old) doesn't display any image on the screen, Last time it worked fine i was using it, i went away some few minutes and when i came back there wasn't any image on screen.
I've been using the pc all day...
I turned it off with my memory and a fast shutdown button. I checked all the conections, i switched screen with another that works on my pc too, i changed the cable (screen-pc), i disconected all cables but the one of the screen-pc...
When i turn on the computer it does the usual noise and the usual bip, i can hear when it gets to the "password menu" and when i type it and press enter it does the usual noise and so on...
But the screen just blinks some few times and is black all time...


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OK so it seems it is a graphic card problem, either the card itself or the slot on the board (either VGA or PCI-e) not working properly.

Agreed with lordrt. It is a VGA Problem. You need to contact with your local it technician

well, what i called "cable (screen-pc)" is actually the VGA, i just didn't knew it's name, as i have 2 of those cables i tried changing it, but the problem continues, so it isn't the VGA...

the other stuff goes away of my limited knowlege of computers, XD

You are talking about the VGA connector (the cable) but am referring to the VGA socket and slot (socket is on the card where you plug the monitor's cable, and slot on the motherboard where the card itself is plugged).
It could be the socket is no longer working on the card, or the slot itself is not working properly on the board, or sometimes (which happened to me once) one of the capacitors on the card may have been overheated and damaged, thus no image on screen but windows etc loading properly, and had in the end to replace the card

I think you install system problems, whether you delete something ?

What on earth does that mean?????????

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