Ok, im in need of some help...i am trying to find if Windows XP Pro stores the history of everything you do. i am in a predicament where i need to show someone the history of a particular folder, what i want to do is show them all the times and dates of when the folder has been opened and viewed, is there anywhere on the pc that stores this information which will conclude one way or the other? i was pointed in the direction of registry, but all i found were running apps with this info..

appreciate your help

I hate to say it, but I don't believe that you can. I think the most you can hope for is check a file's properties, and look for the Last Accessed Time, but this is only for files, and doesn't pertain to folders (and my last accessed time is off anyway, it says it's been accessed last some time in the future....) There are programs around that can keep this information for you in the future, but windows doesn't store this information to my knowledge.

It doesn't. You would need a third party application to record computer activity. It would only be able to store information from its install point forwards, however.

ok, thanks for your help. sirprised though, what with technology and "big brother" of the world today.

I agree, I too am fairly suprized that this information can't be retrieved, but you imagine how many times you open a folder or file, that's a lot of time-stamps, and could take a lot of hard-drive space saving all those logs. I realize it can just time stamp them with text, which isn't a huge space hog, but it could certainly add up if you open and close a folder quite a bit.