Does anyone know if Dell Speakers would work with a Gateway computer? I might get Dell A425 speakers if they are compatible with my soundcard, because the Boston speakers I had will not work now that I installed Windows XP instead of Windows ME. The soundcard I have is Creative SB Live, thanks a lot ahead of time.

Speakers are just speakers. The way speakers operate is very standardized. You could connect those speakers to a stereo as long as you had the correct converters. You could even connect those speakers to an MP3 player if you wished.

If you get a speaker system with more than 2.1 channels, then you need to make sure that you have a soundcard that can provide outputs for those additional channels. Since the set of speakers you are talking about have 2.1 channels, any standard sound card will work just fine with them.

I'm very confused however because speakers don't care what operating system is running the sound card that they are connected to. All speakers care about is that they are receiving a good signal and that they work.

If your speakers stopped working when you upgraded, the problem is your sound card driver not the speakers. Did you install your sound card driver when you upgraded the OS? If not, you can get the driver here.