I am having problems with our computer running in normal mode. It will allow you to click something once and then it takes a long time for it to respond or it might never respond. After that you cannot click on anything. The mouse moves around fine. It's just that when you try to click something, nothing happens. In safe mode it runs fine except there is no sound. Our security software tech has worked on it and found no viruses. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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in safe mode ,go to mycomputer ,right click on the hard drive icon/go properties/tools/click on to open error check , and check of the 2 boxes,click ok ,it will likely tell you cant check the volume now and to restart computer, it should then check the hard drive . good luck

Try using other anti virus to do a scan again. Sometimes the anti virus software will fail and are often the cause of problem instead of the virus. Do you mean when you click on sometimes it will be very lag and take a long time to respons and sometimes not ( Normal Modem ) and when you start up in safe mode this problem does not happen? What is your ram and how many space you left on your hard disk.

Do a scan of your hard drive, cleaner your registries and defrag you hard drive. Maybe there is too many file or application that slow down the computer.

Restart your PC and run last known good configurations...this will resolve the issue for sure.. other wise you have to run system restore...!

Hop into safe mode- click start- then run.

Type in msconfig.

When the system configuration utility comes up- go into the services tab- check the box at the bottom that says hide all microsoft services. then click disable all on the bottom right.

Then go to the startup tab and disable all the startups. Click ok and let the computer restart. If it runs better in normal mode then there is something starting up when windows starts up. The next part is process of elimination, you will have to basically go back into msconfig and start checking things one at a time in the startup tab, rebooting the computer each time you check an item.

Eventually you should find what is causing the lcok up.

Another option is putting the list of startups in this thread so we can take a poke at it and maybe find out what could be casuing the lock up.

If disabling the startups does not stop the computer from locking up in normal mode then there will need to be some more digging.

Could potentially by your anti virus since I know there are some that no matte rhow hard you try you can never fully dsiable it.

I finally had to reinstall windows.

I finally had to reinstall windows.

good that you got it working ,i have a question though ,did you ever get to run the"chkdsk /r" , i suggested first

Good to hear that your problem is solved by reinstalling windows. But the problem is you still don't know what is causing it. The problem may come back maybe a few week or months later or in the future. You may never know. You can't just keep reinstalling your OS to solve the problem you have to try and find the root of the problem and end it there. So next time you have the same problem you will know what to do.

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