You have to understand that Vista is mostly other people's ideas, stolen and compiled into one, big messy OS. I found the security messages redundant, and the lack of originallity is out of the question.

That cool, slick, innovative, rich... beautifully compiled flip screen interface just tickles my fancy. I was captivated by the originality that was put into the creation of such a masterpiece of a mockery which:eek: requires a recommended 1 gabillion giblobytes of RAM to run on. The eye candy is well worth the system lag, and I love when my OS stalls because it gives me time to do useful stuff like sending telegrams to complete strangers, and guys living in underground military silos who make their money off of leaking government versions of Hello World!

Linux and Mac had the flip screens way before Microbe decided they needed to do it too. "Hey, all the hackers LIKE to have flip screens when they're exploiting our vulnerabilities..... Let's think POSITIVELY and "implement" these in Service pack 3. Ha ha.... touche Gates. I mean Vista."

*the board room overflows with a stream of lagged applause because the Second Life server does not support Microsoft meetings anymore, so they had to hack in.* (The hack job was done by a Unix guru)

I know that this post is one and a half years old, but how do you beta test microsoft software, because i want to test their windows 7 beta when it comes out.

unless its a public beta the easiest way is to have an MSDN subscription and get invited

what is an MSDN subscription?

MSDN subscription is a paid subscription for microsoft products. You basically pay to be part of some special club that gets to test software before it comes out. Most colleges and universities have them, so if you're part of technology program, you may have access to it for free.

With the MSDN subscription you gets 40-50 DVDs (or so) that contain every operating system Microsoft has ever released and in every language (English, German, etc) as well as C++ compilers, device drivers, DDK, Windows SDK and searchable documentation for all win32 api functions.

Because we all want to run DOS on our Core 2 duo's. And who wouldn't want windows 4 NT as a web server? And yes windows 3.1 which supports up to 1GB of RAM!!

i run NT4 as my web server at home lol it runs nicely

msdn subscriptions are not free, they can range from 700.00 to ten thousand dollars!!!

yes thats why you get the good stuff - i mean, a full copy of server 2003 is worth $700+ and you can also get access to vista ultimate (again, about $700) , and visual studio enterpeise (about $1500)

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