Trying to burn copy of a home DVD/video of amateur show (about 1 and half hours long, transferred professionaly to DVD originally off VHS!!) using Nero 7. All seems well until the actual burn when about about half way through when Nero says ' Aborted' and ejects the DVD. Have saved the original recording to hard drive and tried various suggestions but just getting in more of a muddle. Any ideas appreciated. Running XP. Thanks Guys.

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Try burning it at a slow speed, x4 or less. If that still doesn't help, try some different brand blank disks.


In addition to what Rik said, you might try a different burning app.

I use ImgBurn and have never had a "coaster" that wasn't due to an error on my part.

If you have the original recording on Hard Drive, you can use ImgBurn to create an .ISO with its "build" mode and then burn the .ISO with "write" mode.

If need be, I can talk you through the process....



May be you are trying to burn at its full speed that is what that may be creating problems for you try to burn it at a slower rate may be anything under 8x


Sometimes DVD burners use hard drive space to create an 'image' of the file to be burned... Perhaps you don't have enough free space to burn your movie.
(images can take up several giga-bytes of space)

I have used Nero Burning Rom (I assume this is what you are using) before and if it finds an error, it usually displayes a bit more (in the buring window where it telles you when it started and at what speed) than just 'aborted'. Try to post anything else Nero said!

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