Good day Folks! I just need a little help and here is the situation. I have a computer that is connected into a DSL connection and I have this newly bought PC how can I connect my two PC's in DSL? Both PC's have ethernet they are in LAN connection. Please Help me !!! Thanks in advance.

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Get a broadband router. You can get this at most stores that carry computer equipment. If you just want to connect both using CAT5 cables, get a standard wired router. If you would like to add wireless capabilities at some point, go ahead and invest in a wireless router.

I haven't worked with too many routers, but I have worked with a wired Linksys router that never gave me any trouble and a D-Link wireless router that makes me want to break things, mainly the router itself.


I do have a Dlink Broadband router and I have connected my PC's there Am i going to use same configuration in the Internet Protocol on both computer?

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