Well, while i am not one of "those" complaining about new Hotmail accounts not working in Outlook 2003, I am one with ancient accounts no longer working or misbehaving. Ok, I am on a slow connection, a 64 kb/s broadband system, but these accounts are now impossible to access thru Outlook and that funky http connection [http://services.msn.com/svcs/hotmail/httpmail.asp], I am sometimes getting synced folders in some of the accounts, and nada in the others. I am getting these errors:

(0x800CCCF0) : 'The service is currently unavailable. Try again later.The server
responded 'Service Unavailable'. '

and there is even one account, the oldest of the bunch, years now, that won't let me even log in on the web: access denied. account closed.

These are all accounts that were behaving fine up until the xmas holidays. So I wonder, what has MSN done? The only thing I've done here is added Norton Internet Security 2006 to these machines, but i don't see how that would hurt...well, i can imagine, but don't see that likely :D

So anyone else have this problem? Many folks on the web talk about the new policy for new hotmail accounts, they try and fail. But these accounts still half work sometimes and are very old accounts. For example one of them I can send mail out thru, others no.

Namaste from Nepal,