When my users login they run a bat file called login.bat. The batch file then calls three other files using the following commands.

%0\..\wscript.exe %0\..\shortcut.js
%0\..\wscript.exe %0\..\i5shortcut.js
%0\..\wscript.exe %0\..\i5settingswim.vbs

%0\..\Kix32.exe groups.scr

When this is run from a W2k machine the script runs fine without any problems. However, when the script is run an XP SP2 machine (with the Firewall switched off) I get an error message that reads

"Script error: failed to find/open script!

Does anyone know why this is happening. I'm assuming the above commands are not recognised by XP. The files its calling are are sitting in the netlogon direcoty of an NT server with SP6a.

Many thanks for any assistance.

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Thats great. Works fine. Many thanks for your help. :)

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