when i double click my C drive to open it, it alwaya pop up a search window.
I notice that...when i rights click my drive the Search. option appeare at the first one then follow by open..explore.
i go to the toolbar at top and select tools>folder option>file type. I click on my drive>advance> in my actions box there is "find".

how to change it back to make my "Open" at the first option so when i double click it, it directly open my drive not search.


You could go to new type open, and then for the application to use, bowse to explorer.


That should do it. It might add another open to your right click menu; but im not sure.

Thanks you, tayspen.
MartyMacFly:Ya, i post this question twice, i thought nobody answer my 1st question . Cuz normally i'll receive a mail that tell me somebody answer my question, but i never receive any mail for my 1st post ......So i po st again...

Anyway, thanks u guy.
My problem solved...i add anew...open in actions.