Hi, I install windows 7 on my desktop and i forgot to turn off the automatic updates.
Well, Microsoft detects that my windows 7 is not genuine.
My problem is:

1. My desktop turns black screen, even I set a picture as my desktop background and when i restart it turns black again.
2. same with the no.1, when the "windows not genuine" notification appears on the task bar, it turns black again.

My question is:

1. How do i prevent in notifying me that my windows version is not genuine?
2. is there any application that can disable windows notification?

Please help me through this! I don't want to re-install a new OS in my desktop.

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If it's not a genuine Windows operating system then you are going to have to buy yourself a valid license.


but i don't have enough money!haha.
Is there any other solutions not to reinstall again..

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if you cannot afford it, you cannot use it

Please DO NOT ASK us about how to use a pirated and therefore illegal version of Windows. Read the rules before posting again.

Any further pleas for such help will be met with a 'keep it legal' infraction, two of which equal a six month ban on your account.

Crunchie has given you the correct answer: buy and install a legal copy of the OS.

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