Hi ,everybody.

New to this site.Looking for answers. Kind of a basic pc user. I am using my laptop now but my desktop is weirding out. I tried booting it up and all it would do is make a whirring sound and my cd drives light steady flashes. The moniter would not work. I took it to Best Buy and the said the hard drive worked fine but something about viruses in the something sector.ztheir cure is to format my hard drive and re-instal windows xp. I use PC-illion and even recheck attachments before opening them.So I don't understand how this could happen.

Any answers,opinions. Also opinions on Norton verses Trend-Micro? :mrgreen:

Well if it were my PC I would try booting up a DOS diskette to see if the motherboard and processor are still working, assuming of course that the thing still has a diskette drive included in it. As far as the virus issue mentioned, it is always possible it could be related to an infection and any AV product is only as good as how recently it has been updated, but without seeing the computer my first thoughts are hardware failure(s) of some type, perhaps a power supply has lost one of the voltages.