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When i install software i get the error. There is nothing on the internet about it and it always happens on c++ 2005 resistible


You are not getting the point. What operating system are you running? The error number could mean different things on Winidows 98, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc. What software are you trying to install? Have you checked with the vendor of a particular package to see what the suggest? What anti-virus software are you using? Is it up to date? Have you tried running a standalone virus scan such as Trend Micro Housecall? By "c++ 2005 resistible" do you mean the C++ runtime redistributable? You can download Housecall (free) at


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I was installing FIFA 11, no anti, just firewall. Did some research and I found what it means (btw win 7) and it seems to be a issue when finding the inshelid files. I found a way to simply bypass this prosses. And I have a fix for the problem. I'm making a quick visual basic app to sort it out.

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