Hello, In Despirate Need Of Help

I Have A Laptop (acer) When I Turn My Computer On It Goes Through The Processes(you See The Windoes Logo And The Bar) Then A Very Quick Flash Frame Of A Blue Screen Pops Up And Then The Computer Restarts Itself, It Brings Me To The Menu Where I Can Run It In Safe Mode Or Four Other Options, Non Of Them Work...in Safe Mode It Goes Through The Processes Then Gets Stuck On Drivers.mup

I Do Not Have The Original Windows Cd, Or A Flpooy Drive,

I Need The Info On The Harddrive, What Can I Do??


i had the same problem last week, laptop would saty on in windows for two seconds before shutting down.

have you recently put new software on laptop?

are you getting any error messages before the laptop switches its self off.

if your not getting error messages it indicates this is a hardware fault and not a software fault........... this was what was wrong with mine.

i removed battery and this worked... i think the new software i had installed messed up the power management.

try this.

if it doesn't work try reseating your ram.

if this doesn't work come back to me i have a few more idea.


hey thanks for the responce.......let me walk you through in detail alittle more of what happened....i had recently installed divx, and it frooze, so i did at ctrl alt dlte--instead of restarting it brought me to a blue screen.....saying something to the effect of check your bios if you cant restart...NOW everytime i try to restart it gets to the windows logo, then for 1 second goes to the original blue screen then restarts itself, nothing seems ot be workin

tried the batt--didnt work

how do i reseat my ram?