Every time I try and install windows xp, it freezes during the installation. I've formatted the hard drive over 10 times now and I've tried to use both FAT32 and NTSF file systems, and neither one gives me any results. The problem occurs after the computer restarts when it finished copying over the installation files. I got:
2.4 Ghz Pent-4
256 MB PQI
128 Video memory

which part does it freeze on, exactly? "During installation" can be at any number of points, and each could indicate something different.

After Windows formats the hard drive, and copies all the files to hard drive (blue screen), it reboots computer to continue installation. When it restarts, it shows a regular black screen and "Windows XP" in the middle with a dash line moving underneath. That's when it freezes up, and doesn't go anywhere after that.

You might have to try re-doing the whole installation. Previously, had you disconnected all peripheral devices from your system? What kind of system do you have?

I tried reinstalling Windows hundreds of times. And tried disconnecting all peripheral devices, and installing. Same thing, it freezes up.
I got Asus p4p800 Motherboard.
Pentium 4, 2.4GHZ
256 MB PQI
128MB video memory.
2 CD-roms, floppy.