::About the system::
Windows XP sp2 Pro.
Pentium 4 3.20GHz
512MB Ram PC3200

It's a friends PC and they have a habbit of messing up their computer in one way or another. Then they blame it on their kids. Most of the time it was to the point of having to format.

Everything loads up normal untill after the Windows XP logo.
What happends is it displays nothing but the mouse pointer and a black screen. I can move the mouse but no right click functions. Nothing else loads (No Task Bar, No Icons. Even when I try to start in Safe mode it's nothing but a mouse pointer and a black background with safe mode in each conner. I left it for a while to see if it was just going to take some time but nothing. The Windows Task Manager don't even come up if I press "Alt-Ctrl-Del". Can anyone help me.

Has this system been reformatted? If so, there was one serious issue on installation, or there's hard drive issues. And not the software type either. :(

Any time a computer boots, and stops at a certain, specific point, the hard drive is involved in the issue. Sometimes they aren't connected correctly or have physical damage within. In some cases, wiping the hard disk with a format can resolve the issue.

Yeah I did a clean install about a week ago...
It had no problems at all when I gave it to them. Most up-to-date Drives on everything and no beta drives on anything.

So, in this situation, I'm guessing they gave it back to you since the machine can't even get past the Windows logo boot process.

It's stuck, and I'm imaging a sort of physical hard drive issue or a problem on the motherboard. If you could obtain any other kind of compatible hard drive to test the installation on, that's always good. If not, I could only assume corruption of the discs within the original drive. I highly recommend this bootup disc to test the integrity of the hard drive: UltimateBootCD

It's worth the download, and makes for a great startup utility, has tons of different tests to run. If you have any trouble, reply back.

I tryed for the rest of the day with UltimateBootCD but no luck. This is an outstanding tool to have but their computer showed no problems. Looks like I'm going to format in about 3hrs. Thanks anyway. @ least I got something out of this.


This is a new virus. A device driver is getting stuck during the boot process. Its rampant now. The common observation is that machines with AOL or McAfee are getting affected. A Repair Reinstall will get you back to the Desktop. But chances are the virus will affect the system files again. Of course a FR is a good resolution. I'm trying with different cases now trying to find out which driver is getting affected. Will keep you posted.



Disable the sound card (or the integrated sound) in BIOS. And reboot. What happens now ??


I am having same problem,,, blackl screen after loggin process with a working mouse, but mine does not say safe mode,,, I assume it is normal mode, but can not see nothing but black screen and mouse pointer. I did the repair, all was good but!!!!!!!! any help???