Thanks for looking first off...

Here's the deal, I have a computer that was made for me about 2 years ago and it is well equipped. Lots of ddr sdram and even more memory and an athlon processor. I also have up to date Norton Internet Security and have never had any type of computer problem since I bought it.

Here's the problem: My computer loads until the "Windows will not start properly, we apologize for the inconvenience" screen comes up with the safe mode, etc. options. Trying every single option or letting the time run out to automatically attempt to load windows simply restarts the computer and takes me back to the same screen. Choosing safe mode is the only difference where the screen shows a bunch of directories as it seems to be loading but then it freezes.

Worth mentioning: I started my computer, walked away, came back and the screen was dormant. So I started hitting a bunch of buttons and moving my mouse like I always do to take me to the screen saver/password. When this happened (because I didn't shut down the computer properly the last time I did it) I could've hit something in the (settings?) window that comes up sometimes. (?)

Please help if you can!?!!!