Hi everyone. My cpu is about six months old and running on windows XP. I have started having a problem. When i shut down a ending task box appears saying ending programme p. I`ve opened the task manager but it shows nothing running and i`ve also searched my cpu for programme p to no avail. When i click end task to end programme p the cpu shuts down pretty quickly but i`d like to know what this programme p is and whether i should be worried.
I`ve also got norton internet security 2005 installed if this is of any consequence.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you tried disabling Norton, to see if that was the issue? I remember when I used NIS '04, it used to End Program on ccApp every time I shut down the system.

Thanks for getting back to me alc. I do get the same problem with ending programme ccApp when i`m shutting down more often than ending programme p. Your not the first person i`ve talked to who suspects that norton 05 could be to blame. Apparently it doesn`t work very well with windows XP. I`ll try what you suggested and see if that helps.


Here's something that can help you to shutdown your computer very quick and make that anoying message go away:

Open your registry editor (Start/Run Regedit)

Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

On the right panel look for AutoEndTasks and change the value to 1.
Also look for WaitToKillAppTimeout and change the value to 1000.

Effects should be noticed after the next reboot.